Bruce Davies - Bass

Bruce Davies picked up the bass in 1972 in order to play with his late brother Norman, a drummer of considerable repute. Very early influences include Johnny Cash, Donovan, America, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Jack Bruce, and Stanley Clarke. Bruce hasn’t forgotten what his first teacher told him: in a given piece, don’t play everything you can all the time – leave some space, and listen carefully. Over the years, Bruce has toured with many bands playing virtually all genres. He has credits on a number of vinyl LP’s, CD’s, and other recordings, playing rock, progressive heavy metal, funk, folk, blues, smooth jazz, and pretty much everything in between. He continues to pursue musical education , most recently attending a workshop retreat with Grammy-Award winning bassist Victor Wooten.

Bruce is a museum curator by day. He is currently is a Director of Music By The Sea, a non-profit organization that holds an international music festival and mentorship program each July in remote Bamfield, Vancouver Island. He is the immediate Past President of The Victorian Society in America a US preservation  organization headquartered in Philadelphia, with Chapters across the United States.