Don Peterson - Guitars - Vocals

Don Peterson has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was a child. Don's first C.D. of all original songs (Messenger/Special Delivery) was released in the mid 1980's and was distributed in Europe by German record company-Long Island Records. A follow-up C.D, Messenger Habitual was released in the 1990's and received airplay in Canada and Europe. Don's most recent offering is an eclectic mix of Blues, Rock, and Country, and all songs are self penned original songs. While the 2 previous albums (Messenger Special Delivery and Messenger Habitual) concentrated on guitar driven rock the current album "The Don Peterson Project" though guitar based, encompasses a wider cross section of musical styles,and these songs are still definitively written by Don Peterson. Don has had favorable critiques of his songs from Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, etc.), Tom Bucovac (top Nashville session guitarist), and Randy Bachman. The guitar has taken Don throughout Canada with groups such as The Platters, members of Prism, etc. and as far afield as Miami, New Orleans, Key West and Jamaica! Dons Guitar Prowess Drives The Push Band. From The Stones To Z.Z.Top, From The 60'S,70'S,80'S Through To Today's Hits. The Push Band Delivers !

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