Steve Hutcheson - Bass - Vocals

Steve Hutcheson was born in Clydebank, Scotland in 1961, immigrated to Canada at age four. Began playing bass and gigging by age eleven, covering mostly surf and 50's rock tunes. Played and toured with several Lower mainland groups through the 80,s, including : Phoenix, The Billy Reagan Band, The Inflatables, Room Service, and others. Moved to Vancouver Island in1993 to start Mechanical contracting business. Played with many Van Isle bands such as : The Trouble Shooters, The Joe Blues Band, The Kreeps, Bijoux du Bayou and The Cookie Monsters. Currently writing, recording, and gigging with Freefall. CD releases include: "Because We Can" with Bijoux du Bayou, "Siezure" with Freefall, "Train Rider" with Freefall and, "Playing With Myself"' a solo project. Currently living in Duncan with wife "Dee", son "David" and cats "Gizmo" and "Mitsy". You can find some of Steve's songs at his Reverbnation site.